As I drove home tonight, I reflected on the ways my own spiritual life has developed since I went to college.  For the most part, my general perspective on the Bible and my worldview have stayed pretty consistent since my junior year of college. That prompted me to ask myself the question, “If my worldview has stayed pretty consistent for the last several years, what is it that has caused my faith to deepen and my life to continue to be transformed?

I quickly came to the realization that my life and theology have deepened greatly the more I’ve reflected on and dwelt upon the incarnation and resurrection as transformative agents. The more I sink into the mystery of Christ’s life and the myriad of ways the resurrection changes my thoughts and purposes, the more in awe and amazement I stand. Continual reflection on the resurrection, and particularly its connection to the creation narrative in Genesis, has helped me to strip away at a lot of modern Christianity’s ways of sidestepping the really hard challenges the Bible confronts us with; reflection on the resurrection has helped me to see the logical extension of creation/new creation theology into our ethics and political and cultural interactions as Christians.  My recent post about power is an example of just one area that I’ve felt drawn into questioning traditional definitions or concepts of both God and humanity.

Two other areas, related to one another, have to do with how Aristotle’s (potentially false) division of love into Eros, Philos, and Agape has erroneously affected our understanding of God and love, and with modern understanding/view of sex, sexuality, and birth control.  My next two posts will hopefully begin to unpack a little of what I’ve begun to think through.

All this is to say that the resurrection, even the sheer concept of a general resurrection that redeems instead of destroys creation, continues to confound and provoke me to greater and deeper mysteries of God.



  1. Mike Cantley · January 7, 2010


    I am always glad to get your posts. I will (maybe always) have to readily admit that I am something like Nicodemus, maybe a “Mike-odemus”! This born again stuff has really shaken my worldview to the core… and I’m keeping my seatbelt buckled. I’m absolutely sure there is much more to this magical mystery tour!

    Mike C.

  2. brianjgorman · January 9, 2010

    Mike, I always appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Thanks for reading!

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