Albuquerque, here I come!

It’s time for another cross-country excursion. Last summer I took a train from DC to Chicago to Sacramento to Malibu to Seattle, to Chicago, and back to DC.  Pretty much saw all of the upper half of the U.S. This summer, I’ll be living/working in Albuquerque, NM, and I’m taking a road trip through Tenessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.

I’ll be staying at the Center for Action and Contemplation as an intern. It’s a place that helps Christians to connect contemplative prayer with social action, and to see the intrinsic relationship and necessity of both. I’m hoping to gain yet more wisdom from people who have been praying a lot longer than I have. I’m leaving this Tuesday for the trip, so this may be my last post for awhile. Something like this seems to suggest that fewer hours spent on the Internet this summer would probably be better.

In unrelated news, does anyone have any advice on how to remove a 250-300 lb block of cement from the ground? My mom and I have been digging out the old concrete block that used to hold our basketball hoop up.  It’s 1.5 ft in diameter and 2.5 ft deep, resulting in one incredibly heavy piece of work. We’ve managed to loosen it from the soil, but can’t seem to pry it up or smash it apart with a sledge hammer. It is a cedar of lebanon.

Well, peace and all good to you all. Send me letters if inclined to do so. I’ll try to include some reflections this summer, hopefully as I’m being formed by prayer and meditation.



  1. James Drexler · May 25, 2009

    “does anyone have any advice on how to remove a 250-300 lb block of cement from the ground?”

    Your best bet would probably be to rent a jackhammer for a little while to smash it into smaller peices and remove those. This method should only take you ten minutes or so to break apart the slab and a little bit more time to remove the concrete chunks. An electric jackhammer is pretty cheap to rent for such a short period of time, and it will probably be the easiest and fastest way to take care of it.

    Otherwise you might have to try digging around the slab to get a little room and using two or three people with metal poles to leverage it out of the hole.

    Either way, it doesn’t seem like an easy task. Good luck.

  2. brianjgorman · May 25, 2009

    Thanks, that’s probably what we’ll have to do with the jackhammer.

  3. Maggie · June 5, 2009

    If you rent a jackhammer, I want to help use it. Using a jackhammer is a childhood dream of mine (seriously).

    Let me know.

  4. Amy · June 9, 2009

    have you seen the picture of the guy mom and dad got to remove it? it’s one worth posting!

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