A Mighty Long Way

In the church I go to here, we sing an old gospel tune with these words: “You’ve brought me a mighty long way.”

I fall into the trap often of assuming that I’ve been where I am for all of my life. I take for granted how much changing and learning I’ve done over the last 5 years. I got a cold reminder today of where I’ve been.

I kept a blog for the first year or so of college, and when I read through my entries tonight, I said, “Did I REALLY think that way?” probably a dozen times. The strangest thing is that my worldview/method of thinking has shifted so dramatically that I can’t get over it. It’s happened in subtle ways, here and there, with a few spikes thrown in at key moments, but to compare 2004 with 2009, I’m totally different.

Weird. I said a lot of things that just seem so narrow minded now. But I’ve also been exposed to a lot that I had no clue about then. I also said some things that have been processed over the years–like what to do with my interest in kids and with music. It was a question then, and it’s exciting to me to think that I’ve slowly chewed on it and pondered how to move forward.

All this to say, I’m getting older. What will I think of all this in 10 years? I hope I continue on the trajectory I’m already on, cause it seems good and I’m really just trying to run the race that everyone else is showing me.

I’m sure Shakespeare also had a great quote about this phenomenon, but alas, my Quotationary is in Maryland.


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