Three Crucial Points

There are 3 things that I’ve felt inclined to work through at some point in my life. I don’t claim them to be entirely new ideas, but I think they’re things that need some working out into more practical theology.

Thought Number 1: A theology of inefficiency. I think that too much of our theology (even more “progressive” theology) is too tied to an idea that things ought to work quickly, or that if we do the right things or elect the right people, poverty and injustice will go away. I think that we need to figure out the balance between taking part in God’s kingdom, in being part of its coming to earth and the idea of inefficiency. Mother Theresa’s “We cannot do great things. Only small things with great love” comes to mind. God uses the inefficient. God moves though history in small ways, like digging out of prison with a soup spoon in Shawshank Redemption. Little by little, God is redeeming the world. Somehow, I think this ties into our involvement in government and what we do with our lives. We have to hold the tension that we can do good work for God but that our work is both significant and insignificant; because insignificance is the way God works through history.

Number 2: A new definition of power (forthcoming).

Number 3: We are all bad at community (forthcoming).


One comment

  1. Anna · March 2, 2009

    and isn’t that frustrating? it makes it easier for other people to convince you that what you’re doing is just stupid idealism. plus, I’m a skeptic as it is…
    anyway, I was thinking about you because I just refound the wonderful NOLA video you had made. I still plan on going back. I have a friend who’s going this summer.

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