Substitute Teaching

I am subbing today at Brogden Middle. Surprisingly, I am able to post this,considering all the blocks the school has on websites. I can’t acess most of the websites I usually do (blogs, etc. ) including the WordPress site, so what I’ve done is use Igoogle Gadgets to get around the website blocks. I can read blogs, play games, and update my own blog from Igoogle without having to actually visit the site. That’s pretty useful.

I like subbing, though it has its disadvantages. You get all of the difficulties of teaching, like behavior problems and attitudes, and only a few of the perks. I’m realizing more and more that success with kids is all about relationship. Most kids don’t respond well to someone who just tells them what to do, especially when they don’t know them. But teachers get the opportunity to develop relationships with kids, and through relationships can influence them, and have the kind of respect and authority needed to run a classroom well.

I’ve had a few kids from our neighborhood in class during my different sub jobs. Most of the time, that works out really well, because I think it lets them feel like they know me a little better and I feel like I know them better too. Soon, I will get a chance to see what real teaching is like because I’ll be subbing for the same teacher for about 3 weeks. That will be fun, I think, because it will give me a chance to actually teach some and maybe get to know kids a little better. It will also be harder because I can’t just deal with them for just one day-I have to come back to them day after day…

I wonder what real teachers think of subs. I know they need them, but I can’t help but think some teachers look down on subs in some way.

In other news, the Duke vs. Maryland basketball game is coming up in a week, and I’m trying to go. I never went to a Duke/MD game all during college, and now there’s at least a decent chance that I’ll get to go to one here. I plan to wear my UMD red vintage sweatshirt.


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