I vote for 7/12

I think that Christmas should get moved. There’s been some talk of doing “stealth Christmas,” where you don’t tell the commercial industries what day Christmas will be on. They can go on selling their wares in December, but all the Christians won’t buy them and instead will celebrate the real Christmas on some day during the year. Obviously the logistics of such a move are impossible-we’d need a new Christian calendar, a new book of Common Prayer, a new common liturgy, etc., but I really think that is the next step. I’m so tired of all this commercial crap. I hate Santa Clause. I can’t stand Santa Baby. I want to scream when I hear “Holly Jolly Christmas.” I despise the phrase, “holiday spirit.” And I proposed going “Santa Tipping” last week to knock over all the golden calfs in my neighborhood. This is how bad it’s gotten for me. The more I learn about and begin to understand the real meanings of Advent and the importance of Christmas, the more I can’t stand the other stuff that gets in the way.

The other day I heard a version of Hark the Herald Angels Sing in a store, and any sort of political language was removed from the song. It was re-written to sound more calm and enjoyable. That’s the last straw. Christmas has been re-made into a status-quo supporting holiday, that wants us all to shop and spend money to help the economy. The manger is clean, the animals smell like roses, and the light of the Angels made it easy to see in the dark cave that was Jesus’ birth place. Let the pagans have their day of presents and excess. Give me the reality of Christmas, that Christ is bringing a new kind of peace. The Saviour of the world comes as a baby. Praise God for this vulnerable outpouring of the love of God.

So, I say change the date. July 12 makes sense to me (7 and 12, two important numbers in the Bible.)


One comment

  1. ric booth · January 2, 2009

    Amen. I was similarly prompted by “the season” and posted Nothing on December 31st… but then no one really gets me.

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