You are what you eat, but who are you when you vote?

It doesn’t matter to me if you’re voting tomorrow. I’m still no sure what I’ll do. I just want to make one point which the kind folks over at the Sojourners blog have made quite clear these last few days. If voting and politics turns you into an ugly person, please don’t don’t participate. If you find yourself becoming judgmental and hateful of those who disagree with you or who are voting for the wrong party, just don’t vote. If nothing else has convinced me of the possible need for more Christians to not vote, it is the ugliness that shows itself around this time of the year, both left and right. A true sign that the world has gotten a hold on us is when we are so attached to this thing called politics that we cannot see our brothers and sisters for who they truly are, and instead only see them for the political party that they belong to.



  1. Alex · November 4, 2008


    This is a good point. The negative campaigning, name calling, fear, have really gotten into the common discourse. Which goes to show how powerful the way our politicians speak effects the conversations you hear ever day in the coffee shop.

    I very much believe that voting is a responsibly for citizens of this country. We have so much power in this country and it is time for the politicians to know that the people care what happens, not just 43% of the people. Tomorrow is a important chance to speak to power.

    But you are right, good ends do not come about by evil means. Jesus taught us the power and necessity of connecting righteous ends with sacrificial means. Our attitude should be we sacrifice our time to study and consider the important issues of the time, pray about it, and find where we can morally voice our opinion.

  2. ric booth · November 4, 2008

    Very, very sound advise. Have you seen Derek Webb’s article on – also very good.

  3. Susan · November 4, 2008


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