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I’m plugging this book for a variety of reasons. One is that it is written by my community mate and friend, Jonathan. But more importantly, this book really speaks to people who are concerned about “the church and the future.” It’s a very friendly prose, contains a lot of helpful stories, and overall points out the need for the church to be in conversation with a movement that has always been supposed to help the church be the church. Monasticism has certainly failed at that at times, but new monasticism is nothing if it doesn’t help the Church.

I highly, highly recommend this to any pastor who has people who are in new monastic communities in their churches (Jason Mack, I’m talking to you), or really anyone who may be thinking,” Well, I can’t go join an intentional community, but I’m interested in all this and wonder whether or not it has any application for me.”

If you’re in the DC area, I know that Jonathan is currently planning a workshop in DC for churches to delve into questions around community and new monasticism for the new year. For a better description of this “course,” check out the New Monasticism web site on the side bar.



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  1. Toledo · November 16, 2008

    Sorry i had to leave early. I am inspired by your ministry and look forward to working in the vneyard wiht Bishop Cameron. The hand of our Lord, Jesus is upon you and surely His spirit dwells within. Many Blessings to your house, and the “homes” which shall surely follow. (Peace to Brian). Phillip Battle Jr.

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