Political Misgivings

Four years ago, I would have been up in arms about the political candidates. I did not want Bush in office (who did?), but I didn’t have a clear vote on a candidate. So I did the smart thing-I voted for Ralph Nader.

I think this election is much different than the last, but I have my concerns about the enthusiasm that many Christians throw behind the potential new presidents. First though, my predictions.

1)If Obama wins the Dem. primary, he wins the whole thing.
2)If Hillary wins the Dem. primary, McCain wins the whole thing. Why? Too many democrats hate Hillary just because she’s Hillary, and no Republican would be caught dead with another Clinton in office.

Now, my hesitations about the promising Democratic candidates.
Hillary Clinton:I think many of her domestic policies have promise. She seems sincere about health care for all people, which I think is the first order of business for this country’s next president. Hillary wants an end to Iraq, but she voted for it in the first place. I have my doubts about her ability to not only get the military out of Iraq, but to do something meaningful to heal the broken relationships with the Middle East. Also, I think she’s likely to invade Iran. I have not heard her say anything reassuring on that situation.

Barack Obama: As much as I’m excited about the possibility of a black president who wants to see major change in the country, and who has the charisma to draw young people out, I’m worried about him too. Domestic programs aside, which I’m in favor of, Obama has stated his desires about Iran and especially Pakistan. I cannot be altogether too enthusiastic about a president who wants to go to war.

But the main problem for me is my worry about the congealing Christian “left.” I am afraid that the fear of the Evangelical right’s influence and vocal involvement in politics in the past has led progressive evangelicals to do the same thing, except on the left side. They see Obama, a Christian, as the progressive Christian’s answer to prayer. Finally a president who will do what God wants for this country, right? Sound familiar? That’s the same tune the Cons were singing the last two elections.

Of course I want to see change in this country, and it may be that Barack or Hillary can do good things. I really hope so. But we live in the new Roman empire. We cannot place our faith or hope in it; Barack or Hillary would be the next emperor. I’m just really worried that too many left-minded Christians are forgetting that we are to live in opposition to empire, and that means having some serious reservations about putting much confidence in anyone that works for the betterment of the empire, especially the emperor.

I don’t know if I’m going to vote. Regardless of who wins, it is the grassroots, subtle, peaceful revolution of the infant King that is slowly changing the world forever. Jesus is my emperor, my king, my president. Not Caesar, not Bush, not Obama, not Hillary. I pledge my allegiance there, first and foremost. Let’s not forget that.


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