I think I am going to apply for a temporary position with my pillow
Do I need a recommendation? I think it’s kinda easy to get in
But a recommendation always helps
Do you recommend it? Do you recommend a recommendation?
Can you recommend a recommendation that would recommend my application?
In fact, I think there are two options. Two pillows.Should I go for both?
Although they’re nearly identical.
Double the risk, double the reward.
HAHAHA. Is it doable?
It’s double, it’s doable. don’t dabble.
Dabbling in the double doable pillows
No dabbling. Yes doubling.
Dribbling? yes.
Bubbling? yes.
Bubbling, doubling, troubling, doable, not dabbleable, dribbleable pillows.
No calls please.
I’ll tell the secretary.


One comment

  1. Noriko · December 7, 2007

    haha…I’m commenting on your page about a post you left on Joel’s…it was about the “baby it’s cold outside” song. I personally like it….perhaps cause it’s catchy and fun to sing, but it was funny because you are right, it is not really a christmas song at all…nonetheless, i will probably listen to it a number of times this season.

    🙂 I hope all is well….

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