Elegy on a Dead Pair of Sandals

I found you on June 16, 2005,and you stole my heart.
It was not mere coincidence that brought us together,
But rather, James Taylor’s legacy and draw
Brought us to be in the same place.

I didn’t expect much. I thought you’d be like all the others.
You’d let me down, break under the pressure.
I didn’t think you could handle the responsibility I would put on you.

But then there you were. You survived the harsh realities of life with me for the first year. And that’s when you took your first wound to the sole. I pierced you with my constant wear on your mortal flesh. What could I expect? I put too much pressure on you.

But you have a forgiving sole. You were bruised and damaged, but certainly not beyond repair. Together, we mended the holes I’d created and moved forward once again.

Oh, how I should have seen this as only the beginning. My wearied life took its vengance out on you. I dragged you along over the rocks of life, I stomped you into the ground of the worst muck you’d ever seen. To distant lands I took you, seemingly packed away in my suitcase along with the rest of the baggage I always take with me. I showed you things you could never see here, but walked all over you like it didn’t even matter. And yet you kept with me. The wounds which marred your broken back seemed never beyond repair. I thought for sure you’d be with me til the end.

And then one day it came along, the strike that snapped your neck. It wasn’t the long, drawn out ending I’d expected; no, it was an unexpected, jarring awakening to the harsh reality of death’s cold grasp. Ironically, the innocence of the one who severed your sole from your body made him unaware of the magnitude of what he’d done; he was just a mere child in comparison.

But now you’re gone, and I’ll never forget the day. I’ll never forget how Maggie introduced us, and neither of us has been the same since. Yet I must not tarry–a bustling world awaits such a one as me, but my soul will forever be uniquely bound to your sole, and I will always remember my OP’s.



  1. Änna · October 31, 2007

    whoa, for real? that’s crazy; congratulations! YAY, BABIES! didn’t mean to hit caps lock

  2. Noriko · November 1, 2007


    what’s an OP?

  3. Noriko · November 1, 2007

    OH Ocean Pasific!! haha I don’t think it’s off brand. I have two paris of their awesome shorts…I will never part with THOSE…

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