Kenya Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

Grace and peace to you from our Lord, Jesus Christ. I hope this letter finds you still meditating on the wonder that came with Easter and contemplating the significance of our Savior’s death and resurrection for the world today. I am excited to let you know about a wonderful opportunity I have to serve God in Kenya this summer through an InterVarsity Global Project.

Last year around this time, I had planned to spend the summer in Kenya, having realized that I could no longer encourage others to care about the poor and marginalized without first having lived among, and having experienced, poverty at its cruelest. How could I join God in His love for the poor without knowing what it meant to be poor? But after spending two weeks serving the people of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, I felt God pushing me to spend the summer in my own area of the world, and so I was blessed to spend six weeks doing InterVarsity’s Philadelphia Urban Project. I was given immeasurably more than I could have imagined from the children of Germantown (the neighborhood where I lived) and from the other college students who became family to me. Thanks to the time I spent in Philly, I feel prepared and excited to leave the comforts of America and join my brothers and sisters in Kenya.

What will I do in Kenya? The specifics of the trip are uncertain, other than the fact that I will spend time living with the family of a pastor or church leader and serving the community and slums of Kenya in some way. I most likely will be living in a community where poverty is not at its worst in Kenya, and the trip may not even focus on all the areas of poverty I feel called to. But I’m excited for a chance to look at the world through non-Western eyes and see where God is moving in our brothers and sisters in the developing world. My brother was blessed to experience this trip in 2002 and helped lead a Vacation Bible School for children living in the slums of Nairobi. But I think that what I actually do for seven weeks in Kenya is far less important than who I will be at the end of the trip. I expect God to transform me in ways I cannot imagine.

I am hoping that my excitement for the people I will get to serve will excite you as well. God has blessed me with a wonderful community of Christians, and I am asking for your support as I embark on this adventure. Please remember the people of Kenya, first and foremost, in your prayers, praying that God’s kingdom will come on Earth as it is in heaven. Please pray for me as well, that I will serve God and others with a humble heart. If you feel excited and want to contribute monetarily to support me in raising the $4200 I need for the trip, I would be eternally grateful. Checks can be made out to IVCF. In whatever way you are able to support me, I am thankful for just being able to share with you not only the ways God is moving in my life, but the hope I have in Jesus for the rest of the world.



“I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”


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